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Zero Fee Design, Content and Portfolio For The Nonprofit

It’s difficult to make ends meet when you are working for a social cause, let alone sharing your work, getting connected with the communities or raising donations. In present time, digital presence really matters. Businesses market themselves a lot, because they have the budget and time. But when you are working for a non-profit cause, how do you spread awareness about your work?

To reach out to a wider audience, you need to mark your presence in the digital world. Do not worry, we have come to your rescue!


How it started


Life Started

Ten years back, I held a tiny pup in my hands for the first time. He was supposed to be with us only for a night; but he stayed for forever.

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Life Changed

We named him “Pixel”.  We grew together, being with each other every second. Gradually, we realised how profoundly a voiceless soul can change you.


Helping Voiceless

We started doing our bit for animals in need: rescues, feeding strays, getting injured ones treated, adoptions and so on.



All was good until recently. Diagnosed with kidney failure and a tumour in his spleen, he left me and my family in a state of shock.

My baby not only taught us the happiness that comes with making others happy, but he also showed us the way. We started with animal welfare for our contentment but it’s time we move further. In his memory, we want to offer our help to others who are working for any social cause and need support.

What we offer

We offer our services at literally no cost. Yes, you read it right! The entire package for your initial setup is on us, for lifetime. Following is what all will be included:
Complete Portfolio Advisory

Every individual/organization needs a portfolio to showcase their work to the world. We will build an amazing one for you, that will explain your work and efforts in itself!

Design & Content Strategy

First step to any successful project is planning. Unless you have a defined approach on how to achieve something, you will falter for sure. Hence, we devise a step-by-step strategy which takes you to your goal without any diversion

Lifetime Domain and Hosting

Needless to say, you will need a website domain and hosting that lets you represent yourself in the digital world. Good news is that the domain and hosting will be on us for lifetime! Isn’t that great?

Design your logo

A logo is your identification. It needs to relate to your work and still be creative. Leave that worry on us. We’ll give you an amazing identity!

Build your Landing Page

For people from different cities and countries to understand and appreciate your efforts, your work needs to be presentable. Building a short yet self-explanatory landing page is what you need, and we’ll sort that out for you.

Design a Business Card and create a business Email address

Once you have everything set up, last step is to make it easy for people to contact you. Through your business cards, you can leave your mark with anyone and everyone.


Our work we are proud of

We are always proud of collaborating with people or organizations who work for the welfare of others. We are glad to be part of your journey.
Some of our happy clients are:
People behind it

Meet the Team

A project becomes a success when the team members work towards a common goal. We came together with the objective of extending our help to everyone working for the welfare of this planet, in any way.


Founder, Entrepreneur

Arpit Sharma

I’m a multi-domain entrepreneur. Me and my team offer a complete success hacking package for start-ups, including technology, design, media and marketing. I’m also an avid animal and nature lover

I find peace in solitude. I travel to regular places but explore them in an unconventional way!


Co-Founder, content artist

Chetna Chhabra

Animals and nature are a part of my life. Serving them in any way is what I live for.

Travelling, art and writing are some of my passions!

Professionally, I’m an IT Security Analyst.


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